Jesus’ Seven Woes

Jesus' Seven Woes

Jesus’ Seven Woes


Have you ever heard someone call Christians “Hypocrites?”  Sometimes they aren’t wrong.   Pharisees in Jesus’ day had a similar problem and luckily for us, we don’t have to continue to be such poor testimonies to God’s Love.   Christ has given the Pharisees seven woes that every Christian today can glean from.

Beginning September 20th we will be looking at Jesus’ Seven Woes to the Pharisees.   Together through sermons and bible study, we will examine the relevance of these woes to Christians today.   Are we living a life of inclusiveness and love?   Are we creating “standards” to be a Christian that don’t exist?  Does our practice match our preaching?

Some of Jesus’ harshest words and radical actions were towards the Pharisees.   What if these words resonate with us today?   Are you ready to not only examine your faith walk but make the changes to align our shadow with that of Christ.  It’s time to ask the tough questions.

Are you ready to give up yourself and your way to open your life, heart, soul and mind to the King? 

The series will consist of a prelude and the seven woes:

1) Denying The Messiah
2) Creating Sons of Hell
3) Perverting Sacredness
4) Neglecting the Weightier Matters of the Law
5) Living a “Two Faced” Life
6) Self-Righteousness
7) False Superiority to Our Forebears

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