Bucket of Love 2016

Missions Bucket 2016

What an outstanding summer for Missions!  In July, we collected $1,224.00 for Supporting Older Adults through Resources (SOAR).  During the month of August, we collected $694.00 for Kathryn Snider, a young mother battling Stage IV Brain Cancer.   The funds will be donated to her through the Patty Pollatos Fund.


In September, we will pass the Bucket in support of the Diabetes Association.  We will be donating through our own Sarah Roderick, who will be participating in the Step Out Walk to End Diabetes event on October 9 in memory of her dad, Billy.


If you have a suggestion for a Mission of the Month recipient, please let us know!  We’re always looking for worthy organizations to support!  


Past Months:

July – Supporting Older Adults through Resources (SOAR) $1,224.00

August – Kathryn Snider (Patty Pollatos Fund) – $694.00

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